Installation Instructions


EasyDeposit can be installed using a handy pre-built zip file, or can be downloaded from source.

  1. Easy Installation option
  2. Download from source

Easy Installation Option

Visit the download page to get latest copy of EasyDeposit. The latest copy of the code will be at the top of the list of files. Download this zip file.

  • Unzip the file to a temporary location, such as your local hard drive.
  • When unzipping, a directory ‘easydeposit’ will be created.
  • Copy the ‘easydeposit’ directory to your web space. You may do this using FTP, Windows Explorer, or your usual method.
    • If possible, it should be copied to the root of your web space (e.g. If this is not possible, the address can be changed later on.

EasyDeposit then needs to be configured so that it knows its own URL. To set this:

  • Edit easydeposit/application/config/config.php
    • Look for the line:
      • $config[‘base_url’] = “”;
    • Edit it to match your URL
    • Remember to include the end slash on the URL

If you have installed EasyDeposit at a different location than /easydeposit/ then you also need to:

  • Edit .htaccess
    • Look for the line:
      • RewriteBase /easydeposit
    • Edit this to match the location where you have installed EasyDeposit
    • Do not insert a slash on the end
    • If EasyDeposit is installed in the root of the web space, remove that line

Now you can try it out:

  • Visit (or appropriate)

Download from source

First you need to set up your environment:

First, create a temporary space to hold the files that users upload, and the packages that EasyDeposit creates

  • mkdir /tmp/sword-files (or your preferred location)

Now install EasyDeposit:

  • Grab a copy of EasyDeposit:
    • cd /your/web/server/document/root
    • git clone git://
    • mv EasyDeposit easydeposit
    • cd easydeposit
  • Grab a copy of the SWORDAPP PHP library:
    • git submodule init
    • git submodule update
  • Create a copy of the CodeIgniter config file:
    • cp application/config/config-sample.php application/config/config.php
  • Edit the CodeIgniter config file:
    • vim/nano/emacs/etc application/config/config.php
    • Set $config[‘base_url’] (e.g.
    • Set $config[‘index_page’] to “” (unless you don’t have mod_rewrite installed)
    • Save and close the file
  • Create a copy of the EasyDeposit config file:
    • cp application/config/easydeposit-sample.php application/config/easydeposit.php
  • Edit the EasyDeposit config file: (this is just an initial configuration to get it running)
    • vim/nano/emacs/etc application/config/easydeposit.php
    • Add the service document URL of your repository to the $config[‘easydeposit_selectrepository_list’] array
    • Set $config[‘easydeposit_uploadfiles_savedir’] and $config[‘easydeposit_deposit_packages’] to the temporary location you created (e.g. /tmp/sword-files/)
    • Save and close the file
  • Configure mod_rewrite
    • cp .htaccess-sample .htaccess
    • vim/nano/emacs/etc .htaccess
    • Edit RewriteBase to /easydeposit (or wherever you are running it from relative to the root of your web site)
    • Save and close the file

Now you can try it out:

  • Visit (or appropriate)