EasyDeposit is an open source SWORD client creation toolkit. It allows you to easily create customisable SWORD deposit interfaces for your users.

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own web-based submission system for your repository, then EasyDeposit may be the answer. Rather than requiring your users to create a user account in your repository, log in, and learn how to submit an item to the repository, you can give them a tailored deposit interface. This can be particularly useful for occasional users, or for users who only ever submit a single item such as PhD students depositing their thesis.

The deposit interfaces created by EasyDeposit can be tailored for the items that you want deposited and can ask appropriate questions. If you require users to log in first, this can be supported by either linking to your local LDAP directory, or by linking to your repository authentication system.

Which repositories does it work with?

EasyDeposit makes use of SWORD so it should work with any SWORD-compliant repository. This includes:

  • DSpace
  • EPrints
  • Fedora
  • Microsoft Zentity

Is it easy to use?

We hope so! It comes complete with an administrative interface, meaning that one you have installed it, you can configure most of the options from within your web browser.

Where was it originally developed?

EasyDeposit was originally developed by Stuart Lewis at The University of Auckland Library, in New Zealand. Stuart Lewis is a DSpace committer, the creator of the Repository66 mashup map, and a member of the SWORD development team.

EasyDeposit was created after The University of customessaywritingservice.biz Auckland Library required several different SWORD deposit systems to built for various deposit types. It required one for PhD theses, one for Masters theses, and one for Computer Science technical reports. To save the burden of writing an maintaining different systems, EasyDeposit was created to allow these different interfaces to be easily developed and managed.game download

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